ZN TOWER-1

    ZN TOWER-1, located in Faisal Hills, Block-A Main Markaz. Which lies on Main G.T Road, close to the Islamabad Airport. So that you
    enjoy all the advantages of a prime location which ensures a modern lifestyle and tremendous future opportunities.
    The project designed in such a way that all the modern facilities are at your service in an affordable budget. It is truly a dream to
    own such a place where all your modern lifestyle choices meet and now we are here to change your dream into a reality through ZN
    Tower-1. Everything used in the architect is worth paying for. From corridors to ventilation systems, technology, interior & exterior, everything is on spot. It is built on earthquake resistant
    equipment in the building and safety is ensured. All of this makes ZN Tower-1 absolutely an opportunity to avail for investment with
    high possibilities of profitable returns. Three Side Corner, Front & Back Side Parking Area, Ring Road Margalla road To New Airport,
    Easy Access From Taxila, Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

    Location Map, Faisal Hills

    Project Feature

    ZN To wer-1 offer well-designed elegant Commercial Shops, Corporate Offices and Residential Apartments with spacious bedrooms, family lounge areas, modern kitchen, terraces, spacious corridors and top of the line amenities and facilities. ZN To wer-1’One-bed, Tw o-bed and Three-bed Apartments are crafted to per fection and pr ovide maximum spac e, sunlight and air ventilation. ZN To wer-1 sho ws a g reat variety of living units by offering multiple sizes and variant architectur e . High standard of finish and use of quality material in all fixtures to ensure you get the cry best you deser v e. Corridors are not only stylish but they are also spacious and well ventilated. Lifts are speedy, modern and impor ted . Quality materials ha ve been used on doors, windo ws and floors to raise your standard of living ZN To wer-1 is a wonderful in vestment opportunit y. The Shops, Offices & Apartments are more economical than you can imagine as they come with a minimum booking amount and easy payment schedules. Glance through the payment plans and you will be surprised to know that the Apartments are highly affordable and you can book a unit so easily .


    • Roof
    • Top Dinning Area
    • 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments
    • Dedicated Entrance for the apartments
    • 24/7 lift with backup generator 
    • Imported floor and bathroom tiles 
    • Imported bathroom fittings
    •  Kitchen built-in ducting for Air Conditioners
    •  CCTV Camera Security
    •  Cable TV and Telephone
    • Earthquake resistant structure


    • Security Cameras
    • Firefighting Equipment
    • Garbage Collection
    • Close to the shopping center and Mosque




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